alltagsirritation. · 26. Februar 2021
today I stood on the threshold spoke a little prayer smelled the promise of possibility and stepped into this new day full of Adventure

alltagsirritation. · 20. Mai 2020
Beauty will save the world. 1868 written down by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his novel "The Idiot" - today so longed for, when the whole world faces the consequences of a pandemic. I have a huge need for beauty. Therefore I decided to share little pieces of art that I am producing while the Shutdown in a collection - for one reason: to beautify 2020. Schönheit wird die Welt retten. 1868 niedergeschrieben von Fjodor Dostojevsky in seinem Roman "Der Idiot" - heute so sehr erhofft, wenn die ganze Welt...

alltagsirritation. · 03. Mai 2020
I got challenged to create on the word "Wohnwagen"/"Caravan".

alltagsirritation. · 19. April 2020
Cracks. Blood on my skin, like wine spilling from a glass. A purulent wound. Hurts. Fractured. Body broken. Do you see my darkest of nights? When it is just Me? Wine should be in a bottle. Shouldn’t it? Light. Breaking in broken pieces, scattered. Morphing into shades. Painting playful pictures in the air. A promise. Invites. Fragile beauty.

alltagsirritation. · 13. April 2020
Who am I? Friend, Artist, Brother, Social Worker, Mentor, Booker, Son, Creative, Supporter, Team member, Supported, Enthusiastic, Fearful, Wonderfully made, Doubting, Fighting, Different but Same, Human, Dreamer, Challenged, Restless, Courageous, Weak, Dependent, Independent, Insecure, Am I this? What do you see? What do I hide? Words can not fully discribe. I can't fully grasp. Me. But still I am. Reflections of myself. And that's okay.