jonny mac.

artist in the media of pictures words & sound. creativity mentor.

Imagine you are walking through your neighbourhood and you discover a small studio of an artist. Through the windows you see him working on something. Somehow you are fascinated by this studio and you want to discover more of it. You come closer and enter in. You smell fresh coffee and a bit of paint. First the artist does not notice you are there, because he works concentratedly on his art piece. After a while he looks up and starts smiling. "Welcome! I am glad you are here. May I offer you a cup of coffee? If you want, take your time to discover my world. I hope you enjoy it!" Thankful you accept the offer and you start exploring his studio...


The phrase art&wijze (originally: Art & Weise) is in German a description for the way of doing something.


... the different creative forms of expression, that the artist uses in his work.


On his desk you see a couple of his writings - words that he wrote down. The radio plays sounds that he recorded. The artist enjoys to get immersed in listening to his own soundtrack. On the wall of the studio you find paintings and photos that are important and precious to the artist. He loves the way the colours and light interact with each other. In the corner of the room you see a treasure box. It is filled with memories of intriguing things from daily life - small projects that show up in the midst of the mundane, things that make you think, smile and sometimes they are a bit strange. They break through the daily routine, broaden your horizon and invite you to celebrate life. Next to it: notes of his thinking process. Spontaneous thoughts written down, his journey and his interaction with what he experiences.


Welcome. In the studio you are invited to explore, stay, smile, get angry, think in a new way or just stroll through...

...invites you to see - paint brought on canvas by the hand of the artist.

> bild.fläche <

...invites you to read - words and thoughts of the poet written down for you.

> wort.spiel <

...invites you to listen - sounds and melodies the artist created.

> klang.farbe < his perspective - small moments that the artist experienced made visibile.

> moment.aufnahme <

...appears in the mundane - projects made by the artist to break through daily routine.

> alltagsirritation. <

...invites you into his journey - reflections on his life as a creative.

> denk.prozess <

wijze. (dutch for manner)

... this is creativity getting practical - the offer of creativity mentoring, workshops and challenges.


The artist loves to invite people to join him on his journey - to discover and unfold their own creativity. He is convinced that creative thinking and acting - the ability to think outside the box - can be trained and developed. As an artist he searches for creative ways to live life ever more deeply.


Welcome. You are invited to go a step further, to leave the studio and to start your own journey. Grow and discover, walk together with others, get challenged... the invitation to go deeper in your own creative journey - inviting you to grow.

...are opportunities for you to walk together with others on a creative journey - inviting you to join.

...are lessons that the artist learned along his journey - inviting you to enter the experience.

* mainly in German.

...and furthermore.