the art of living.


What do you think when you hear the word mentor? Are you reminded of awkward teachers you had in school or university? Do you think of a sports trainer? Do you think of an idol?

I personally have had good experiences with mentors. Often they were people to whom I gave permission to speak into my life, to ask me questions, to challenge me and to give me feedback on how they experience me. I wanted to learn from them.


I understand myself as a creativity mentor. From my work as a social worker I have experience in leading conversations and mentoring people. From my work as an artist I have experience in dealing with creativity and creative process. In creativity mentoring I am bringing both together and offer what I have: a lot of good questions and the ambition to search for new perspectives.


Mentoring can take place in Halle/Saale (Germany) or via Skype. The offer is completely free - because it is also an experiment for me.

You want to take part in this adventure? Then I would be happy to hear from you and make a first appointment to get to know each other.