alltagsirritation. · 26. Februar 2021
today I stood on the threshold spoke a little prayer smelled the promise of possibility and stepped into this new day full of Adventure

bild.fläche · 17. August 2020
"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" mixed media installation.

bild.fläche · 15. August 2020
"Arrival" Acryl on Canvas.

bild.fläche · 15. August 2020
"golden hour" Acryl on Canvas.

moment.aufnahme · 14. August 2020
"TWO" idea/concept: Jonny Mac photo/editing: Jonathan Edelmann make-up: Judith Weckerlein

alltagsirritation. · 20. Mai 2020
Beauty will save the world. 1868 written down by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his novel "The Idiot" - today so longed for, when the whole world faces the consequences of a pandemic. I have a huge need for beauty. Therefore I decided to share little pieces of art that I am producing while the Shutdown in a collection - for one reason: to beautify 2020. Schönheit wird die Welt retten. 1868 niedergeschrieben von Fjodor Dostojevsky in seinem Roman "Der Idiot" - heute so sehr erhofft, wenn die ganze Welt...

alltagsirritation. · 03. Mai 2020
I got challenged to create on the word "Wohnwagen"/"Caravan".

alltagsirritation. · 19. April 2020
Cracks. Blood on my skin, like wine spilling from a glass. A purulent wound. Hurts. Fractured. Body broken. Do you see my darkest of nights? When it is just Me? Wine should be in a bottle. Shouldn’t it? Light. Breaking in broken pieces, scattered. Morphing into shades. Painting playful pictures in the air. A promise. Invites. Fragile beauty.

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