#beautify2020. (IV)

Beauty will save the world.

1868 written down by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his novel "The Idiot" - today so longed for, when the whole world faces the consequences of a pandemic. I have a huge need for beauty. Therefore I decided to share little pieces of art that I am producing while the Shutdown in a collection - for one reason: to beautify 2020.


Schönheit wird die Welt retten.

1868 niedergeschrieben von Fjodor Dostojevsky in seinem Roman "Der Idiot" - heute so sehr erhofft, wenn die ganze Welt mit den Auswirkungen einer Pandemie konfrontiert ist. Ich habe ein großes Bedürfnis nach Schönheit. Deshalb habe ich entschieden, in einer Kollektion kleine Kunstwerke zu veröffentlichen, die während des Shutdown entstehen - mit einem Ziel: 2020 verschönern.


#beautify2020 is a sequel to #createanyway and #enjoycreating.

beautify(#01): FAÇADE.

beautify(#02): SECRET SUN.

beautify(#03): MISFITS MOSAIC.

you do not see me

eventhough I pass your way

once again

I am a plastic doll easing your mind

with a surface spotless simple

so you can relax

I fit

our world is already complex enough

and this is true


your eyes do not see

blinded by your own want

calling me weird

you ask to pull myself together

c’mon please don’t be so sensitive

can you be normal?

just fit

we all have problems!

and this is true


you view me as whole

but I am a broken piece

you call me recalcitrant rebel

but I am the Beauty and the Beast

fragmented story in eyes

that you will miss

maybe a misfit

earnestly missing to fit

this is also true


you frame me

convinced to keep me safe

through painting spotless surface

in another brighter color

presenting whatever beyond the horizon

and shame’s face in rear-view mirrors

you fit

and so you think can I

this may be true


after all you vanish

trimmed to shameful shivers

leaving cracks behind

yet a vibrant melody calls

hatching this plastic shell

I see another face

another broken shape desperate to fit

holding her pieces proclaiming

this is true


I am moving

gently gazing at the mirror

I see light breaking in a mosaic

broken beauty shaped

in colored glass

shivers mold into an

invitation to another reality

I were never designed to be a doll

I am sensing that I am a dream,

tenderly dreamed into existence.

beautify(#04): UNDERNEATH A BRIDGE (the hidden treasure).

beautify(#05): SINGING BEAUTY.

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