who is jonny mac?

I am an artist in the media of pictures words & sound.

I am a creativity mentor.

I love to play with words, colours and sounds - to express myself, to communicate, to search for beauty and to give my own creativity the space to flourish. Furthermore I love to encourage others to discover and live out their creativity. I love to surround myself with beauty and creativity, to plunge my heart into the depths of it and come back full of hope.
Creativity, the arts and different creative forms of expression have played a huge role in my life. First it was music that impacted my life, then I discovered acrylic colours and later I started to write prose and to perform it on stages. Since then creativity has been my passion and an important way to express myself. On this website I am sharing my works with you.
In addition to my own artwork, I love to motivate and encourage other people to go on a journey to discover creativity and become artists in the way they live their lives. To do this I developed different tools which I present to you here on that website.

I invite you to get to know me and my world. I hope that you enjoy discovering.

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